Lemme is extremely knowledgeable about wildlife, history and culture.

Lemme was an extraordinary Expedition Leader. His tracking abilities were awe-inspiring, and he led us to see things we only dreamed we’d be able to see. His humour and good nature made the long drives enjoyable and he was always focused 100% on our safety and not taking risks. He also has a terrific ability of adding layers on to our understandings of animals as we see them for the 5th and 10th and 20th times, and his lectures were very thoughtful and interesting.

Lemme was extremely knowledgeable about wildlife and the history and culture of Botswana. He answered all questions very thoroughly. His attention to our safety was outstanding. His patience and sense of humour were much appreciated. He is a terrific ambassador for Nat Hab.

Lemme was wonderful. He went above and beyond every day. Lemme has so much knowledge about all aspects of the environment, animals and plants. He was also very fun to be with. He has a great sense of humour and love of animals and people. He was the best guide I have ever had. He had a great sense of humour and made the trip fun, as well.

Thuto could spot game and track anything, determined to ensure we saw everything.

Thuto must have the eyes of an eagle since he could spot game I can barely see with binoculars. Thuto can track anything and was determined to ensure we saw everything. His wealth of knowledge would have you believe he is over 90 years old. There was not a question unanswered, and it seems there is no creature or habitat that has escaped his full knowledge of past and present history – not to mention his knowledge of Botswana and Africa in general. He is also an incredible photographer and was so helpful to the novice that I am.

I’ve travelled with many companies throughout my 70 years and I’d have to say that Thuto was far and away the BEST guide I’ve ever had! What an amazing young man he is. He’s knowledgeable about the ecosystems, animals, plant life, birds, history of the country and people, AND he’s kind and fun to be with on a daily basis. Amazing!

We literally can’t say enough…we were both ABSOLUTELY blown-away by Thuto. The breadth and depth of his knowledge is staggering and encyclopedic in its scope – from animals to animal behaviour, tracking, geology, entomology, history, religion, politics, horticulture, botany, ecology, conservation, astronomy – the list goes on and on. And believe me, it was IMPOSSIBLE to trip him up. He’s that good. He’s infectious in his enthusiasm and passion for what he believes in and seemed to really understand the profound position he was in – that he lives our “trip of a lifetime” every single day. Despite me proudly identifying the 500th red-billed hornbill of the day (which probably marked the billionth for him!), he was always enthusiastic and happy to shower me with kudos. Additionally, he cheerfully goes the extra mile to answer the billion questions both Clay and I peppered him with day after day. But beyond that, he’s a thoroughly fine person – he’s always interesting, full of anecdotes and fascinating facts and figures; he was always fair to all guests and he was genuinely interested in all of us. Where on earth did you find him??? He absolutely made our trip.

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