Seychelles is an archipelagic island in the Indian Ocean and has about 115 stunning islands. It’s home to numerous white sandy beaches characterised by sparkling, crystal blue waters and coral reefs – the epitome of heaven on earth! Seychelles is home to the Aldabra tortoise.

A popular destination for proposals and honeymoons, it’s also famous for its luxury beach resorts, world-class water sports opportunities and rich Seychellois Creole culture.


Good to know

Capital City


Languages spoken

English, French, Seychellois Creole

Curency used

Seychellois Rupee

Visa required

Check the latest regulations with your nearest embassy


Tropical marine climate. Late May to early October is cooler and drier period. December to March has high temperatures and increased rain. December and January are wet months with the possibility of cyclones in the southern islands

Key Attractions

Victoria, Morne Seychellois National Park, Praslin, La Digue


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